March 24

I Wrote About “On Fleek”

It’s ok if you don’t know the proper usage of “on fleek”. It’s a relatively new term. On Fleek Is A Baby. Don’t Worry If You Don’t Know To Use It Yet.

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March 7

Shortbread Cookies From Scratch

I made shortbread cookies last night from a recipe is Roy Fares’ cookbook, The United States of Cakes. The recipe was pretty easy and only had three ingredients.   I used a rolling pin that I got last year that has a houndstooth check pattern.  I am taking some of the cookies with me on [...]

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March 5

An Expert Without Too Much Ego

Things I will never call myself–guru, ninja, or diva. I am a cupcake expert. I know a whole lot about bakeries and baking without going to culinary school. I learned from both professional and amateur bakers. Baking is a science. I loved science in high school and I took AP Chemistry. I also love writing, [...]

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February 28

Writing and Thinking

I am not disciplined at doing the free write. I keep saying I am going to do it, but I don’t. So I figured it would be easy to do it here-unedited. People are sheep. I don’t care about llamas or #thedress. I am no longer  surprised when people get so distracted over such trivial [...]

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February 20

Thing I Tweeted That Time

I am more “Lacoste intolerant” than “lactose intolerant”. My stomach hurts after too much display of preppiness.

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February 15

You Can’t Sit With Us

Gatekeepers are everywhere. They exists in the ivy league schools, the toniest suburbs are the Upper East Side co-op boards. Everything is not for everyone. Not everyone will fit in. A community has a culture. They only want to people that they assume will compliment the community. However, gatekeepers are often too narrow in their [...]

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February 10

If There Is No Challenge, There Is No Change

I am in a rut, but making steps to change that. I am reading Bridgett Davis’ novel, Into The Go Slow, and I am listening to more podcasts on Grantland. What I have wrote on The pros and cons of shipping cupcakes Pull-Apart Cupcakes Posts on Keeping Nickels. Draw or Paycheck: How do entrepreneurs [...]

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January 20

It’s January, Already

Happy January! The month is almost over. 2015 is going to fly by. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  I am trying to be more productive and put out more content. The next thing is to share it, and if you read this blog, then you may see it here. What  I have been [...]

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December 29

Best Things I Have Watched, DVR or Streamed in 2014

Everyone is coming up with best of 2014 lists. This is mine for television. Black-ish- This sitcom surprised me by not being corny and actually addresses issues of race, gender, parenting, work, and family. Broad City- Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are hilarious.  They are the Wendy and Lisa of comedy. Three years ago, I [...]

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December 17

Feeding The Hungry: Specialty Food Foundation Awards Grants To 14 Hunger Programs

Food insecurity is a major concern. I think many people in the United States don’t understand the crisis that is affected Americans all over the country. It is not just an urban problem. The Specialty Food Foundation is helping to support programs that are addressing the issue. Fourteen hunger program are recipients of grants which [...]

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December 12

The Newsletter Rides Again

The blog is dead. Social media is boring. The newsletter is back! When I started blogging ten years ago, my blog was called Nichelle Newsletter.  In fact, some people even thought that “Newsletter “was my real last name.  I have trying to bring back my own Nichelle Newsletter to be a regular weekly.  I am [...]

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December 2

Things I Wrote And A Flannel Shirt

I am wearing an over-sized flannel shirt and it feels so good. My birthday was last week, and my parents almost forgot. It wasn’t a John Hughes movie plot. I wanted to forget my birthday, too. I don’t want to get older, and I definitely want to feel older. I am doing more planks. My [...]

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