November 18

Taking Photos With Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Canon has loaned me a Rebel SL1 and I took this photo of Leo in the kitchen. He’s not supposed to be in the kitchen. That’s why he looks guilty.

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November 14

What’s Going On

I wrote about Right Brain, Left Brain for Medium. My latest Nichelle Newsletter is out.  You can subscribe here. There are new posts on CoolBlkPpl. Cupcakes Take The Cake,  there’s a giveaway for cupcake spreadsheet to manage business. Have you heard about The Storefront or Acorns?  I wrote about them on Keeping Nickels.

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October 15

Curating Twitter Lists and 10 Folks You May Want To Follow

To get the most out of Twitter, curation is key. I have four Twitter lists that are segmented either by common interest or location. Cool Black People: Self-explanatory->Well, not really. It is some of “Black Twitter”, some journalists, bloggers, activists and creative. Chicks and Giggles: funny women comedians, actors and writers.  This is where I [...]

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October 14

Bits From Nichelle Newsletter

Have you subscribed to my TinyLetter? Subscribe today. Below is an excerpt from the latest missive. New York Funny Black Women: Sisters of Comedy Tonight, October 14 at Gotham Comedy Club. Robin Cloud, Gina Yashere, Zainab Johnson and more. $15 Food: Chefs To Dine For Pre-Fixe Dinner with Chef David Santos. October 28. Atlanta Platform [...]

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October 13

Mulaney Observed

This is NOT a review. This is an observation, but not observational funny. Episode 2 of Mulaney was way better than the pilot. I am not a single-camera snob. A multi-camera sitcom can be just as funny. I remember having brunch about three years ago in the Village, and I got to sit next to [...]

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October 8

Memoir Moment: MakerBot and 3D Printing

Last weekend, I volunteered at Maker Faire Atlanta. While there, I met Norma Toraya who is otherwise known as Crankbunny. She is an animation direction and paper artist. She has a MakerBot and she uses it to make parts and stands for her paper dolls.  I told her that I met Bre Pettis, the founder [...]

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October 1

TECHmunch Atlanta And Cookbook Publishing

I learn something new at every TECHmunch. If I could I would travel to all them around the country. The first panel with Virginia Willis and Angie Dudley (Bakerella) was a peek in the cookbook publishing industry. By the way Bakerella’s new cake pop e-book on Kindle for Halloween is out now. And you can [...]

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September 12

I Have Been Rooting For Judy Greer

I don’t like FX’s ‘Married‘ as much as I wanted to. I am a big fan of Judy Greer and thought this sitcom might be her breakout role. However Lina and her husband Russ (played by Nat Faxon) are a pretty unlikeable couple. They are late thirtysomethings with three daughters living in Los Angeles. They [...]

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September 10

Reminder: Subscribe To My Nichelle Newsletter

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September 5

Joan Rivers, You Can Rest Now

Joan Rivers passed away yesterday at the age of 81. She didn’t just fade away. She worked until the end. She was a legend that never got too comfortable. She was a woman who never stopped creating. She was an inspiration.

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August 28

Memoir Moment: Sharehouse Confidential Book Party

NOTE: After spending a very busy weekend in New York City, I am going to embark on a memoir which will probably span ten years from 2004-2013.  It will be a recollection of moments and events that I experienced first-hand  while living and blogging in New York.  My aim is to highlight the food, drink [...]

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August 20

Document Your Truth

Just watched the Kathleen Hanna documentary, The Punk Singer, on Netflix . I learned so much about the Riot Grrrl scene from the film. I didn’t really know about it in its heyday since it wasn’t on the radio and I didn’t know anyone listening to it. The closest I got into riot grrl was [...]

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