September 12

I Have Been Rooting For Judy Greer

I don’t like FX’s ‘Married‘ as much as I wanted to. I am a big fan of Judy Greer and thought this sitcom might be her breakout role. However Lina and her husband Russ (played by Nat Faxon) are a pretty unlikeable couple. They are late thirtysomethings with three daughters living in Los Angeles. They [...]

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September 10

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September 5

Joan Rivers, You Can Rest Now

Joan Rivers passed away yesterday at the age of 81. She didn’t just fade away. She worked until the end. She was a legend that never got too comfortable. She was a woman who never stopped creating. She was an inspiration.

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August 28

Memoir Moment: Sharehouse Confidential Book Party

NOTE: After spending a very busy weekend in New York City, I am going to embark on a memoir which will probably span ten years from 2004-2013.  It will be a recollection of moments and events that I experienced first-hand  while living and blogging in New York.  My aim is to highlight the food, drink [...]

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August 20

Document Your Truth

Just watched the Kathleen Hanna documentary, The Punk Singer, on Netflix . I learned so much about the Riot Grrrl scene from the film. I didn’t really know about it in its heyday since it wasn’t on the radio and I didn’t know anyone listening to it. The closest I got into riot grrl was [...]

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August 19

Selfie Belongs On The Back Shelfie

ABC bravely put one of its new fall sitcoms on Hulu, “Selfie”. I watched it and it’s just barely watchable. The emoticon, text-message, social media slang used is hard to understand when spoken in a rapid fire pace. This Eliza character would be almost forgivable if she was a teenager a la Cher from “Clueless” [...]

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August 15

Not Adding Up

This is not adding up. If this video posted on YouTube the day after Mike Brown was killed had any validity, then why did the Ferguson cops not say anything about this until today which is Friday August 15th? In the surveillance photos and the description in the video say that the alleged robber from [...]

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August 13


Like Biggie said, “If you don’t know, now you know.” Apparently Josh Zepps, an Australian journalist personality who works at Huffington Post tweeted something that so naive that it borders on stupidity. I don’t mean to be naïve but, seriously… if you’re black, why stay in a racist shithole Missouri town? Massachusetts is a place, [...]

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August 12

Suicide Isn’t Painless

The first time I ever knew someone who committed suicide was when I was a freshman in high school.  She was a junior. She was stylish. Even though we attended a Catholic high school and wore uniforms,  her sense of style was evidenced by her hair, earrings and shoes.  She committed suicide by jumping off [...]

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August 11

The Buzz Of Buzzfeed

Is it a coincidence that a week after John Oliver goes H.A.A.M on Buzzfeed and native advertising in a segment on “Last Week Tonight” that Andreessen Horowitz invests 50 million into the company?! Maybe it was ploy at promotion. I don’t know. I don’t get Buzzfeed’s valuation which is rumored to be over $200 $850 [...]

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August 11

What Is Going In Ferguson

I am not in St. Louis. I had never heard of Ferguson until yesterday. Everything I have learned is via stream of local radio and tv, following hashtags, looking at Vine and YouTube videos and Instagram. I also relied heavily on my “cool black people” Twitter list who were the first to tweet about the [...]

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August 6

TV: What You Should Watch, DVR and Stream

Sundays: “Masters of Sex” on Showtime. Just ignore the opening credits. Mondays: ABC Family’s “The Fosters”. The most drama-filled, diverse show about a family. Tuesdays: FYI’s “B.O.R.N. to Style” It’s the urban, hipper version of “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.” Wednesdays: WEtv’s “The Divide”. Think “Scandal” plus “Rectify”. Thursdays: “Rectify” is the best show [...]

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