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Cooking Up A Recipe For Prosperity
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I have a Google alert for “red velvet” and one day I will write a book about red velvet cake. First, I have to do a book proposal and a Kickstarter. Last week, I spotted a recipe for Red Velvet Banana Bread. It was a cake mix hack using a red velvet cake and banana. [...]

Cupcakes are not over, but the media thinks so. I wrote it about on Cupcakes Take The Cake. If Google says cupcakes are still trending, then they are. That potato salad guy’s Kickstarter is stupid and he will pay a lot in taxes. I got a little personal on BlogHer.

Grey Worm and Missandei

“Who died and made you Khalessi?” is something I saw as a lede to an article that I didn’t read, but I can’t wait to use. I had been meaning to write a little something before the season finale of “Game of Thrones”, but life happens and so this post is two weeks late. I [...]

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Last Thursday, I presented at the Social Media Club of Atlanta’s Social Shorts. It was a night of Pecha Kucha presentations with 20 slides on screen for 20 seconds. The event was held at J. Walter Thompson’s lovely offices in Buckhead. My presentation was on how cupcakes have lead to the democratization of desserts. Let [...]

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The goal is to blog more and I got off to a good start today. I am now an auntie, and I wrote it about my desire to share pictures of my niece on Medium. If Black Women ran Hollywood, this video would be the most popular. (CoolBlkPppl) Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks, is hosting [...]

Last Thursday, I went to Little Pink Book’s Fifth Annual Women’s Entrepreneur Event. Little Pink Book is a digital magazine for women entrepreneurs. This year’s event was focus on women in the food industry. The keynote speaker was Kat Cole, the President of Cinnabon Inc. She was so inspirational and authentic. She encourage all women [...]

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This weekend, I binge-watched the second season of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, and I loved it even more this season than last season. It is especially nice to watch on TV using my Chromecast. Lorraine Toussaint deserves an Emmy nomination. Five Stars Watch Power only to see Omari Hardwick’s fine self. The show [...]


On May 18th, Chicks and Giggles had a tenth anniversary show. It was an excellent reunion. It was lovely to see comedians and old friends. We took a group photo that included past performers. One of the takeaways from producing Chicks and Giggles is that there is a community of women comedians who support each [...]


  I don’t have to explain or justify Kara Walker’s work since I am not an academic or art critic. Even Kara Walker claims that her work doesn’t effectively deal with history. She says that her work is subsumed by or consumed by history. I have always been in awe of the boldness of her [...]

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I’m so excited to be a new sales representative for Avon. This is not your grandmother’s Avon lady. I won’t going door-to-door. You can order products from me via my Avon site. is easier when you like the product you are selling.

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TECHmunch NYC is May 20th. I will be there.

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The briefcase is from when I worked corporate.¬† My mom found it while cleaning up the garage. I found: a pay stub from¬† Deloitte & Touche Christmas cards an old journal the liner notes from The Roots CD, “Phrenology”. A flyer from an off off broadway show in New York, Ashira 69. It starred Damaris [...]