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Cooking Up A Recipe For Prosperity

I am so happy that I am able to produce this show celebrating the tenth anniversary show. When I came up with the idea to do a stand-up comedy show for women, it was because I wanted to see more women on stage when I went to comedy shows in New York City. I found [...]

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I pray every morning. Either when I am getting out of bed or walking the dog. I try to hula hoop everyday for at least five minutes with a weighted hula hoop. I drink water everyday, at least 32 ounces. I write down what I got done at the end of each day. In between [...]

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Trying to embrace the imperfect selfie is what my photo is about. Gatekeepers. They are everywhere. Even when you disrupt the gatekeepers, new ones crop up. Like Bebe’s kids, “they don’t die; they multiply”. Elon James White had a fascinating conversation about gatekeepers on his TWIB podcast a year ago. It got deep. Molly Crabapple [...]

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I made banana bread this weekend, while drinking a Hoegaarden. No wonder people make it; it is easy to make and delicious. I used Serenity Now’s recipe.  I added toffee chips and chopped walnuts. Good Earth is my new favorite tea. It has cinnamon, anise, ginger root, orange peel and peppermint. I made a little [...]

Ten years ago, I created and produced a stand-up comedy show in New York City featuring women comedians. The show was called Chicks and Giggles and it ran for four years. During that time, I became a big comedy nerd going to comedy shows in the East Village. In January of  2006, I spotted Warren [...]

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It’s a good thing that Rebel Wilson has “Pitch Perfect 2″ because her sitcom “Super Fun Night” on ABC will be canceled. “Super Fun Night” is neither fun or super. The has some funny people behind it – Conan O’Brien, Michael Showalter and Laura Kightlinger are producers. However, it should have taken notes from “The [...]

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I was quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about power outages due to the ice storm last week. Savory Oatmeal: Curried oatmeal with caramelized onions. I used coconut milk instead of water to cook the oatmeal. I also topped it with one slice of low sodium of bacon. Yum! Childish Gambino’s cover of PM Dawn’s [...]

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Nichelle Stephens

Breakfast tip: Add cardamom and cinnamon spice to stove-top cooked oatmeal and it tastes like chai. A tablespoon of brown sugar is a plus. Water drinking:  I don’t drink 64 ounces a day, but I am good for 32 ounces a day. My skin is looking much better because of it. Oil pulling: I haven’t [...]

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I sleep on a plain black satin pillowcase to protect my natural hair. Many African American women do that to protect their ends or preserve their curls. It would be great if there were pillowcases inspired by vintage scarfs in graphic prints that match your sheets. COORDINATE! I think it is good business idea, so [...]

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I have been reading about how caffeine has been added to beauty products to tighten pores and lessen dark spots. Instead of buying some expensive cream, I searched for a recipe for a mask or scrub that incorporated coffee grounds. I found a recipe on and made the mask yesterday. The mask smelled great! [...]

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I love Dianne Jacob’s blog, Will Write For Food.  She gives the best advice on food writing and writing in general. She’s my Anne Lamott. Anyone I plan to blog more here on and thanks to Dianne, I am going to face these three writing challenges. 1. I am not a good enough writer. [...]

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Use the eggnog to make eggnog French toast and/or eggnog pancakes. Make cheese grits spicy with red pepper flakes and sriracha. Curry up hash browns with curry spice and cumin. Mix fig preserves with cream cheese to make a great spread on toast or bagels. It’s figgin’ great!