August 1

Keep KeepingNickels!

In case you don’t know, I am the founder of Keeping Nickels, a business blog that covers fintech and personal finance. I need your help to keep the site afloat. I am raising to cover hosting, domain and website updates.  If you donate $10, I will tweet a link or retweet on your behalf. So [...]

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July 30

Let Referrals Work For You

Tech start-up founders have been honing their origin stories for years as if they were sprung out of a Marvel comic book. However, the rest of us entrepreneurs and small business owners have yet to craft a fantastic fable of success. The question that is most often by budding entrepreneurs is how to get new [...]

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July 29

TECHmunch is Coming To Atlanta

TECHmunch is where people who love food and technology come together. TECHmunch is a one day food blogger conference that was founded by Babette Pepaj in 2010. Babette is the founder of BakeSpace and CookbookCafe. She wanted to connect local food bloggers with tech start-up leaders in their respective cities. The first TECHmunch was in [...]

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July 28

Food Insecurity And The New Face Of Hunger

I was listening to Leonard Lopate and he had author Tracie McMillan on talking about the article she wrote for National Geographic about hunger and food insecurity in the United States. There are people who are hungry who have jobs but don’t make enough to eat three square meals a day. It is a big [...]

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July 25

Sam Smith: The Next British Soul Singer

photo by StrobePT A few weeks ago, I tweeted that Sam Smith is the “Male Adele”.  I probably wasn’t the first to say it, but I think it is true. His voice is soulful. His songs are soulful. He sings from his experience and it is authentic. Before Sam Smith, I thought Daniel Merriweather was [...]

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July 24

Some Things Cannot Stand The Test Of Time

Four years ago, Cathy Horyn of the New York Times compares Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) to Liz Taylor. To clarify, it was more of a comparison of Snooki’s style to Liz Taylor’s, but it was more of a stretch than the spandex Snooki wore on “The Jersey Shore”. That comparison didn’t work then and it definitely [...]

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July 23

Turning The Tweets Into Blog Posts

As much as I love to use Twitter to express opinions or share ideas, I should save stuff for my blog. I just read a great post on Buzzfeed with advice to journalists and writers of color. I especially like this quote: I truly think Twitter is where personalities go to live and writers go [...]

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July 21

I Made A Cake

I have a Google alert for “red velvet” and one day I will write a book about red velvet cake. First, I have to do a book proposal and a Kickstarter. Last week, I spotted a recipe for Red Velvet Banana Bread. It was a cake mix hack using a red velvet cake and banana. [...]

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July 10

What I Have Written Lately

Cupcakes are not over, but the media thinks so. I wrote it about on Cupcakes Take The Cake. If Google says cupcakes are still trending, then they are. That potato salad guy’s Kickstarter is stupid and he will pay a lot in taxes. I got a little personal on BlogHer.

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June 28

Dem Thrones

“Who died and made you Khalessi?” is something I saw as a lede to an article that I didn’t read, but I can’t wait to use. I had been meaning to write a little something before the season finale of “Game of Thrones”, but life happens and so this post is two weeks late. I [...]

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June 17

Cupcake Presentation at Social Shorts

Last Thursday, I presented at the Social Media Club of Atlanta’s Social Shorts. It was a night of Pecha Kucha presentations with 20 slides on screen for 20 seconds. The event was held at J. Walter Thompson’s lovely offices in Buckhead. My presentation was on how cupcakes have lead to the democratization of desserts. Let [...]

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June 16

On the Content Grind

The goal is to blog more and I got off to a good start today. I am now an auntie, and I wrote it about my desire to share pictures of my niece on Medium. If Black Women ran Hollywood, this video would be the most popular. (CoolBlkPppl) Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks, is hosting [...]

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