October 24

My Cupcakes Bring All The Boys To The Yard

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my cupcakes, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Sunday, Cupcakes Take The Cake had a bake sale at the Brooklyn Flea and raise $700 for Cupcakes For A Cause. If you want to contribute, go buy a cupcake today at either Baked, Crumbs, or one of the many bakeries across the country.

Tuesday I ate well thanks to Foodbuzz, learned how to make risotto thanks to Chef Brad Steelman from River Cafe and learned about induction cooking thanks to Electrolux.

Wednesday, I drank champagne, got some free Jo Malone performe samples and listened to jazz musician Marcus Goldhaber.

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  • http://www.itsallverypr.com Alyson Campbell

    thanks for the marcus shout-out!