August Is An August Month

Friday in Montreal

I am going to work on happiness by reading  The Happiness Project.
I am finally making salads that I really enjoy eating and that fill me up.
I am speaking about cupcake business at Berkeley College here in NYC on August 22.
I am speaking about social media at Rochester Institute of Technology on September 29th.
Rachel and I are coordinating a cupcake cruise for August 19 through August 26th 2012. Get on our mailing list by checking out

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Nichelle Stephens is a blogger, cupcake enthusiast, event organizer and social media strategist. Nichelle is the co-founder editor of Cupcakes Take The Cake, the most popular blog about cupcakes. Nichelle is also the founder of Keeping Nickels, a personal finance and accounting blog for freelancers and entrepreneurs.
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