It’s January, Already

By Nichelle Stephens

Happy January! The month is almost over. 2015 is going to fly by. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  I am trying to be more productive and put out more content. The next thing is to share it, and if you read this blog, then you may see it here.

What  I have been reading and sharing is on This.

What I wrote for Xero on Keeping Nickels.

What I wrote on Cupcakes.



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What I Have Written Lately

By Nichelle Stephens

Red white and blue cupcakes

Cupcakes are not over, but the media thinks so. I wrote it about on Cupcakes Take The Cake.

If Google says cupcakes are still trending, then they are.

That potato salad guy’s Kickstarter is stupid and he will pay a lot in taxes.

I got a little personal on BlogHer.

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A Cake Pop How-to By Cake Journal

By Nichelle Stephens

Cake pops are like the little sister to cupcakes. They are the Jan to cupcake’s Marcia; cake pop are a little high maintenance. Want to learn how to make them easily? Check out the tutorial that has some great tips by Cake Journal.

How to make cake pops

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There Must Be An Angel Cupcake

By Nichelle Stephens

How heavenly! The cupcake below reminds me of that The Eurythmics video, “There Must Be An Angel Playing With My Heart”. This cupcake is from Confectionately Yours in Perth, Australia.

Angel Cupcakes

Don’t  you just love Annie Lennox?!

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Cupcake Cruise: Blog Brand Extension To Bermuda

By Nichelle Stephens

Cupcake Cruise

Recently someone who is just starting out in social media asked me how long have I been doing it. I said nearly eight years since I have been blogging for that long. On second thought, that’s not correct. It is actually only a little over seven years. I have been doing social media since I began promoting the comedy show, Chicks and Giggles that I created in spring of 2004. Twitter wasn’t around. Facebook wasn’t open. I used blogs and online media to promote Chicks and Giggles. I created a newsletter to send out to fans of the show. I posted pictures on Flickr. I post show listings on Upcoming.

When Cupcakes Take The Cake took off, there were more outlets to spread the cupcake gospel. Cupcakes Take The Cake is on Flickr, MySpace, BakeSpace, Foodbuzz, Foodcandy, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Meetup and maybe some other social networks. The goal is for Cupcakes Take The Cake is be whenever cupcake lovers are. A couple of months I got an email from a travel agent who found me through the Cupcakes Take The Cake Meetup Group. She proposed the idea of a cupcake cruise. We had two meetings and I realized that this is serious. Rachel and I had a tour of the ship a few weeks ago and met with executives from Celebrity Cruises. This is serious and exciting. Now it is confirmed that Cupcakes Take The Cruise is having the first ever Cupcake Cruise next year. The date is set for August 19 through August 26, 2012. I am so happy that the brand Cupcakes Take The Cake is extending to more events and to more people!

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Cupcakes Take the Cake Immortalized

By Nichelle Stephens

I love Cupcakes Take the Cake, originally uploaded by cakespy.

Oh I so love this. Jessie Oleson from Cake Spy drew this lovely picture of us cupcake bloggers as an early 4th anniversary present.  The Cupcakes Take The Cake anniversary party will Thursday, December 4 at White Rabbit.  There will be raffle prizes and cupcakes!

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My Cupcakes Bring All The Boys To The Yard

By Nichelle Stephens

my cupcakes, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Sunday, Cupcakes Take The Cake had a bake sale at the Brooklyn Flea and raise $700 for Cupcakes For A Cause. If you want to contribute, go buy a cupcake today at either Baked, Crumbs, or one of the many bakeries across the country.

Tuesday I ate well thanks to Foodbuzz, learned how to make risotto thanks to Chef Brad Steelman from River Cafe and learned about induction cooking thanks to Electrolux.

Wednesday, I drank champagne, got some free Jo Malone performe samples and listened to jazz musician Marcus Goldhaber.

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Baked Book Party and FreshDirect Event

By Nichelle Stephens

Nato, Matt, Niche and RKB, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Tonight, I went to the book party for Baked at PowerHouse Arena in DUMBO. Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, the owners of Baked in Red Hook, have written their first cookbook,  Baked: New Frontiers in Baking, which is full of delicious recipes for cakes, brownies, whoopie pies and cupcakes. The Chocolate Malted cupcakes pictured above are so yummy!

Artisanal Cheese and Wine At USQ

Before going to the Baked event, I stopped by the FreshDirect event at Union Square Wine and Spirits.  The event was to promote the FreshDirect’s new online wine store partnership With USQ Wine Store.  There was cheese and wine pairings, sake with edamame,  a few Spanish wines and a really spicy ginger cocktail made with Canton.  I especially liked the Llopart Rose Brut Cava so I may get some for the holidays since they will be here soon.  At the event, I met a couple of writers from Crain’s,  a very cool former model who is a foodie, and actress Robin Mattson who played Heather on General Hospital back in the day. Plus, I talked to fellow foodbuzz blogger Miss Ginsu and the very nice publicists at MWW.

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Cupcakes Take The Cake Bloggers Photo Shoot

By Nichelle Stephens

IMG_2795.JPG, originally uploaded by Brooklyn Hilary.

A couple of weeks, the three of us went over to Brooklyn Hilary for a photo shoot. We didn’t have press photos, so I thought it would be a good idea. It was so much fun. We took a lot photos!

See the Flickr Set.

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Martha, Cupcakes, and Key Lime Martinis

By Nichelle Stephens

Martha Stewart Blogging Show, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Wednesday, I attended the taping of a very special Martha Stewart show. It was an all blogger show and everyone in the audience were bloggers. My Dell laptop battery lasted about 30 minutes so I couldn’t live blog/twitter the whole show, but it was fun. Martha Stewart and HP kindly gave away All-In-One Printers to everyone in the audience. I can’t wait to get mine in a few weeks!

Wednesday evening, Cupcakes Take The Cake had a Cupcake Social at The Delancey. There were so many cupcakes, that I don’t think I can eat any for the next week.

Friday was LikeMind, and after that I met with the founders of SmartyPig. I stopped by the OMMA Expo Hall, and met Barbi from Kontera.  In the evening I went to the Montauk Club in Park Slope to celebrate Eric’s birthday. I had two delicious Key Lime Martinis and chatted with friends. Today I feel a little anti-social so I’m staying close to home tonight.

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One Thing Leads To Another

By Nichelle Stephens

Tonight: Come to the Hysterical Festival Fundraiser show at Comix. Hosted by Carolyn Castiglia, the lineup includes Adira Amram, Rachel Feinstein, Heather Lawless, Ophira Eisenberg Bridget Everett and Mel and El.

Saturday: On April 19, you can party with a girl and her instrument. Join Erin and Her Cello as she celebrates the release of her debut CD with a performance at Joe’s Pub. Listen to her song, “Subway Crush“.

May 4: I am hosting a clothing swap at Angels and Kings.

May 8: Be social. Cupcakes Take The Cake is hosting a Cupcake Social 2.0 at The Delancey.

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Short Skirt, Long Jacket

By Nichelle Stephens

Am I too old to wear a skirt this short?, originally uploaded by nichellest.

I love bacon more than you drink: A recipe for Bacon Vodka

I tweet; you tweet and then we tweet privately: Group Tweet is a tool for private group twittering.

Thanks to Fred Wilson, I know what music I will be buying this spring. Little Jackie is Imani Coppola’s new music project.

Gawker linked the Martha Stewart segment where my fellow cupcake bloggers and I eat coconut cupcakes.

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